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Bosque Bello New Cemetery    (View Grave Map)

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The Bosque Bello Cemetery is located one mile North of Atlantic Avenue on North 14th Street within the city of Fernandina Beach, Florida on Amelia Island. The old and new sections of Bosque Bello Cemetery are together on one site. The "New" secion of the cemtery was added by the City of Fernandina on lad donated by J.G. Cooper and Sadie Cooper in 1945.

The original section of the Cemetery was surveyed during 1987 by the General Duncan Lamont Clinch Historical Society of Amelia Island.

In 1997, the Amelia Island Genealogy Society updated the original survey to include later burials, and surveyed the "New" section of the cemetery. This information is included in the current database. Mary Nelson, Nancy Sturges, Hal Belcher, Jean Mann, Joan Johnson, Pat Graham, Bill Hayes, and Ken Sturges Jr. completed this second survey.

A complete resurvey of the New Cemetery is underway in 2012 and will include at least one photograph of each headstone.

The Graves in the new section of the cemetery are divided into 71 Divisions, including Babyland, and 32 Blocks. The Divisions are subdivided into Subdivisions A through E, which are divided again into sections and lots. The Blocks are subdivided directly into lots. The information in the database for each grave could show Division, Block, Section and Lot. Typically, if a grave has a division, it shows a section and a Lot, and if it has a Block designated, then only lots are shown. The grave layout (View Grave Map) shows the Divisions and blocks. The Subdivisions and Blocks showing the lot layout are listed seperately. To find the grave of Cecil H. Akey at burial plot Division 41, Section 1, lot 1, find the Division on page 1. Subdivision A is shown on page 2, and the section 1, then lot 1 can be located. The blocks are much easier, Thomas C. Adkins is buried at Block 1, lot 121. Find block 1 on page 1 and the grave location on page 2.

When this survey was done in 1997, the cemetery contained about 2028 graves but it has significantly in size since that time.

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